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Volunteering at a soup kitchen, collecting clothes and toys, visiting the elderly.  There are so many ways to share blessings and impact other lives.  ‘Tis the time of the year to be thankful for what you have and help others.  And although children learn about the history of Thanksgiving at school,  just how much do they know about what it truly means to be thankful?  What about instilling the value of giving back?  Who is responsible for that life lesson?

The Moms Denise Albert and Melissa Musen-Gerstein share ways to get children to understand the importance of giving back.  Both busy moms believe leading by example is a must and include their families in their charity projects.  However, they agree that getting your child involved — whether it is getting them to donate toys and bring them to Good Will or having them collect food for a food pantry– can be a battle.  It is worth it.  They may not be interested in doing it at first, but usually children change their mindsets after and they feel good about what they accomplished.  Of course, that is the objective.  Perhaps having them volunteer with friends is way to make it an experience they can share.

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