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(PIX11) — Making your smartphone work for you is key to making the most of your time — and making mommyhood a little easier.

Here are The MOMS’ favorite apps for doing just that:

College Save: This app estimates the cost of higher education for your kid and tells you how much to save each month in order to pay for it. It’ll alert you if you’re saving will fall short of covering the bill, so you can adjust your spending.

My Cycles: This handy app will calculate your period and ovulation schedule, displaying likely arrival times for each so you can time baby-making (or prevent it, whatever the case may be). It lets you record symptoms, medications, treatments, Basal Body Temperature and other notes about your cycle.

Mom Maps: If you’re out of town and don’t know where to go, this app will show you more than 24,000 different kid-friendly places nearby.

Health/Fitness: For me (Denise), Flywheel is the best way for me to keep track of my workouts. Browse your app store for fitness apps that will help you stay in shape, coordinate your workouts with your calendar and tell you how successful your session was.

Other apps that can make parenting and mommyhood easier: