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Most people never leave home without their cell phones, but frigid cold temperatures can affect your electronics if you aren’t careful.

“If you leave your phone in the car there’s the possibility that you can freeze the LCD in your phone, the liquid crystal,” said Joshua Watters, owner of Mr. Mustache Phone Repair.

Experts warn not to leave your phone in your car if temperatures are at or below freezing. (WNEM)

He said for the most part, your phone or tablet will be just fine in the cold for a short period of time. After a few hours though things will start to go south.

“It’s cold enough, the LCD freezes and it’ll actually crack,” Watters said.

Your phone’s battery can also suffer from the cold temperatures.

“It can just get depleted and not take a charge anymore. It’s almost the same as it overheating if you leave it out in the sun in the summer time at over 140 degrees,” Watters said.

Watters said both your screen and battery are replaceable and it’s not the end of your device’s life.

He cautions people to be careful with snow because the water damage on your phone can destroy it.

“If you’re outside shoveling just make sure you don’t get snow in your pockets with it. Your body heat will melt it and water and electronics is never good,” Watters said.