The body language you should have during a job interview

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Perfect the handshake – cold water on wrists – antiperspirant on hands. Thumbs in the upward position.  Don’t be overbearing or dominate.

Project confidence – people want to feel safe – remember mirror neurons when you project warmth and confidence, the interviewer will absorb those positive feelings and reflect them back to you.

Smile  A smile can be identified as far away as 300 feet- the smile is the surest way to guarantee a YES from the first impression database scan. When you smile at another person, his mirror neurons light up and cause him to mimic that smile.  Once he smiles back, his body rewards him with neurochemicals of happiness. Physiologically, a smile tells our brains that we are safe and that the person opposite us is trustworthy and sincere.

Tale up an appropriate amount of space – lean forward just a bit to build rapport but not so much to invade someone’s personal space.

Keep your body open and approachable and BE SELF AWARE – make sure you do not close up during certain questions .

Make eye contact and hold eye contact while making and finishing points in the conversation. Eye contact tells that what they have to say is important and meaningful to you. Eye contact demonstrates sincerity and an establishment of credibility and trustworthiness. Of course, no stalker staring.

Maintain a proper pitch – when we get nervous, our pitch goes up – take 10 deep breaths immediately before meeting someone as this will oxygenate the brain and loosen your vocal cords so they are not tight causing the pitch to go up.

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