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The women have returned to the streets.

Another march — a year in the making — is on.

In New York City on the Upper West Side, the women’s march is back. Marchers got ready along Central Park West between 62nd and 82nd and streets.

Tens of thousands will reportedly come out. Across country and around the world this weekend, hundreds of events are taking place. It’s the year-anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In Washington D.C., about 10,000 are expected on the National Mall even with the government shutdown.

Organizers said the platform for the 2018 women’s march is expanding. Marchers are rallying for women’s rights, immigrant, worker disability and environmental rights.

On Sunday, it’s all about “Power to the Polls” in Las Vegas. The rally focuses on voter registration and electing more women in the government ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

You may be seeing less of those pink hats. Some found them less inclusive because not everyone has female genitalia.

Last year, about a million people turned out to march on Washington in response to President Trump’s win. It was one of the largest mass protests in our country’s history.