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MIDTOWN — It’s the stuff dreams are made of, little girls getting the chance to feel like a princess and walk the runway.

And what sets them apart? They are all in difference stages of fighting cancer.

Meet one organization that is building confidence and life-long friendships with Runway Heroes.

Two girls bonding over beauty products, both are cancer survivors and love looking their best

The two met and became fast friends after being chosen to walk in

Runway Heroes which was created 5 years ago by Rachel Goldman.

“Runway Heroes is a non-profit organization that creates fashion experiences for children with cancer.”

Rachel approached both Darcy and Zoey’s parents to see if the girls would be interested in walking in the Kleinfeld bridal show. Zoey was beyond excited.

“My mom told me it was at Kleinfeld Bridal and I was like O-M-G, that’s where they do ‘Say Yes to the Dress’.”

Rachel who is a child psychologist at New York Presbyterian says she’s always wanted to help build children with cancer’s self-esteem and confidence.

Zoey’s cancer which included having leg surgery took her energy away.

But once she heard about being asked to walk in a runway show, she was motivated to participate in physical therapy. It was a life changing experience.

Darcy was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 6 years old. Her parents say she had a tough time when her hair fell out but being part of runway heroes changed that.

“All the other kids are very welcoming no one was staring at her saying look she does not have hair. Instead they were saying you’re so pretty. They all understand what she’s going through. “

Rachel produces two Runway Heroes shows a year which involves 35 kids with cancer walking the runway. To see this program which she started in college blossom and make a difference in so many people’s is beyond fulfilling.

Rachel’s latest runway show which was a couple weeks ago was sponsored by “Crew Cuts” by JCrew.

She said the fashion sponsors for every show have gone above and beyond for these kids.