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HELLS KITCHEN — More than 70 million people stutter, including 5 percent of all children.

It’s a speech impediment that can be isolating. But the Stuttering Association for the Young is changing that and has celebrities coming out in force to help give back voices meant to be heard.

The celebrities hit the bowling alley to give support to children who stutter. For some, like Alex Brigthman, who is starring in Beetlejuice on Broadway, the cause hits close to home.

“I used to have a stutter when I was a child. It would take me out of classes, school, I was very embarrassed.”

This is Paul Rudd’s 8th Annual All-Star Bowling benefit for the stuttering association for the young. His annual event raises money to send kids who stutter to “Camp SAY.”

“I’ve seen the work SAY does and how it has changed the lives of these kids. It’s not to be understated its saved lives.”

The founder of SAY, Taro Alexander, has stuttered since he was 5 years old and never had another childhood friend who stuttered. And that’s why he created Camp SAY.

“I thought it would be cool if there was a place for young people who stutter who can come and meet other people who are going through the same thing.”

The camp not only helps build communication skills and self-confidence, but also forms life long bonds.

Comedian Rachel Dratch has been a supporter of SAY for years.

“It’s really inspiring how it helps the kids,” she said.

Paul Rudd’s All-Star Bowling event raised $250,000. If you’d like to find out more about camp SAY or make a donation click on the link here.