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UNION SQUARE — Going to the dentist should be part of your routine health care.

But many skip dental check-ups because of costs and anxiety. One New York orthodontist is democratizing dentistry, dropping prices in hopes of helping more people smile.

It’s the first of its kind in New York, a modern dental studio offering a select number of services at bargain basement prices! And it caught the eye of George Baolin a voice and opera student at Manhattan School of Music. He’s here in hopes of improving his smile and more.

“My front teeth here are disordered so since I was 12 I always wanted to make this right.”

George says the pricing was a big draw for him.

“As a student I think it’s important to choose somewhere that costs less.”

The rising costs of dentistry is exactly why orthodontist, Heather Kunen started her business. While working for an upper east side dentist, her family and friends couldn’t afford to see her.

“I found that even at a discount I couldn’t give them these services at an affordable price, which was frustrating for me. I worked all these years and wanted to help people I knew and loved and couldn’t.”

So Heather opened Beam Street near Union Square to address the 3 most requested services, cleaning, whitening and Invisalign.

And it seems heather is right in line with her generation of helping others, according to a capital group study, 82 percent of millennials says it’s important to them to promote health and wellness for consumers.

“My ultimate goal is to provide high quality dental to the masses and create a dental space that people enjoy coming to.”