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UPPER EAST SIDE — It’s one mom’s mission to help normalize kids with special needs to others.

She’s doing it through customized books that are building unique relationships. Erica Blit says “My Heart Books” are not just a business, it’s her life.

They are two peas in a pod, Brandon and Skylar love playing together. And while Skylar is only 7, she’s very protective of her older brother who has special needs.

When people ask why Brandon is different- she has the answer. “He’s just like you and he’ll want to be treated just like you. He’s normal just like you guys, some things are different, and some are the same about us.”

Sklyar is very articulate on this subject, because her mom, Erica Blit, created a book to help others understand kids with special needs, their families’ book is called “My Brother Brandon.”

When Skylar was in preschool, they shared this book and its message with the class and saw the impact immediately. “Instead of kids shying away from Brandon they were like hey there’s Brandon.

And that was Erica’s “a-ha” moment. “This has been such a positive experience for our family, I want other families to have the same.”

So she created “My Heart Books.” “We sell custom books about people with disabilities.”

You can customize your book online which includes adding pictures of your family, and creating characters that resemble your children, you even customize the story.

The last page of the book has tips on how to answer people’s questions when they ask about your child. “I think everybody wants to do the right thing and be kind and be nice but not everybody knows how to answer those questions.”

Erica says the books are ultimately about building acceptance and in doing so it’s creating new bonds in the community and stronger relationships within families.

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