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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — It’s a turn of fortune… A homeless man who walked down Broadway in Brooklyn looking for work, now owns two businesses on that same street.

It’s a “Stories from the Heart” that will inspire everyone not to give up on their dreams.

Ethan Nwanganga moved from Nigeria to the U.S. when he was just 17-years old.

Once here, he took the first job that came his way, a janitor.

After a failed marriage, Ethan ended up without a place to live, spending his nights riding the subway. “It’s actually one of the lowest places you can be in life because it breaks you… you feel abandoned.”

Ethan knew he had always been tech savvy, so he posted ads on Craig’s List to fix people’s phones on the spot.

Ethan’s great service lead to more word of mouth business. He finally found his niche.

He was able to save enough to get an apartment. And then with a little help from an uncle, opened his own repair store called Ozo Geeks.

But he didn’t stop there… Just six months ago, Ethan expanded and opened Ozo Lounge right next door to his repair shop.

Not only has he changed the trajectory of his life… he’s giving back to the community.