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GARMENT DISTRICT — Halloween is a time of joy for children.

But for many parents who have children with disabilities, finding a costume that fits the needs of their child can be difficult.

That is until now, as lots of kids are getting a treat this year! They’re wearing Target adaptive costumes for those with disabilities.

Mindy Scheier, the founder of Runway of Dreams, which promotes adaptive design innovation, knows all too well about the problems with traditional costumes. Her son has Muscular Dystrophy. She says one of the biggest problems was getting him in and out of costume while trick-or-treating if he needed a bathroom break.

Mindy says these adaptive costumes really hit the mark.

“Target adaptive really did an amazing job of paying attention to the tag less, the flat seams, the secret opening for any medical needs or tubing.” Mindy says the most important change is that the costumes are easy to get in and out of.

The big box giant is selling four different disability friendly costumes and two themed wheelchair covers. The two options, a princess dress and pirate costume are aimed at kids who use wheelchairs.

These costumes are still available on and available for delivery by Halloween!