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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – A South Carolina woman fought off a teenager who had forced his way into her home by chomping through the suspect’s tongue, according to police.

The 33-year-old woman called police Friday morning to report the attack.

She told officers she opened her front door several times after hearing someone knocking.  On the last knock, however, someone was there, WCSC reported.

A male teenager holding a white-handled knife to his chest jumped forward to keep her from slamming the door, as she cried “No!” according to the police report.

He allegedly pushed her back into the home, tackling her to the ground and punching her several times while saying, “stop fighting and I won’t hurt you.”

According to the incident report, he forced her up to the woman’s bedroom, where he was trying to tear off her shorts when she kicked him in the groin.

She recalled him yelling, “Now you have to die!” and forcing his tongue into her mouth, at which point she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”

With the man’s tongue still in her mouth, she ran downstairs, tossing the severed organ onto the kitchen floor and running to her car, according to the report.  She said she drove to a nearby business to call police, having left her phone and tablet in her house.

Police found the teen at a Waffle House on Northwoods Boulevard after the boy’s mother called 911 to report her son “not having a tongue and needing medical assistance,” according to officials.

He was treated at Trident Hospital; it’s not clear whether doctors were able to reattach the tongue, which was recovered at the bloody crime scene and packed in ice, according to police.

A knife fitting the description the woman gave police was also found at the scene, according to authorities.