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And here’s another piece of bad news for the Empire State Building. It’s already been topped by the World Trade Center, now another building is in the works that will be even taller.

A new apartment building going up on West 57th that when finished will be tallest in NYC — taller than the World Trade Center if you don’t count the Freedom Tower’s 400-foot spire.

This building will also house the first Nordstrom’s in Manhattan.

There’s also some confusion about the exact address of this towering tower.  Some say 215, some say 217, and even 225.

The announcement of the building has already created lots of chatter on social media with comments ranging from “That’s so ugly,” to “It’s the crown jewel of the vertical march toward the sky.”

One World Trade Center is listed at 1,776 feet tall (including the spire), and the Empire State Building comes in second at 1,250 feet tall.

As far as residential projects go, 432 Park is projected to be the tallest by 2015 at 1,396, and will be eclipsed by the building on  West 57th when it is completed in 2018.

432 Park is the latest mega-project by audacious developer Harry B. Macklowe, and is slated to reach 1,396 feet, which will make it the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere.

The building will reach 96 stories and includes a penthouse that is currently on the market for $95 million.