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Fans of the HBO series “The Sopranos” will have a chance to put to rest Tony’s famous line that “remember when?” is the lowest form of conversation this fall.

The first-ever “SopranosCon” is coming to the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus this November. Members of the cast, journalists and other fans of the show will gather for the typical fan convention fare of Q&As and meet and greets.

“Our event is an interactive, street festival themed fan experience, visually inspired by The Feast of St Elzéar, celebrating the series by showcasing Italian culture in New Jersey with food, drink, art, music, comedy, and some show-related businesses,” says the event’s website. The Feast of St. Elzear played a part in a Season 6 episode entitled “The Ride.”

“There will be fan art galleries, exhibits, screenings, Q&A’s, trivia and costume contests, interactive games, and much more.”

Tickets run about $50 plus fees, with additional packages including exclusive access to cast members like Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Federico Castelluccio and the real horse that played Tony’s beloved Pie-O-My. There are also bonus after-parties, even including a trip to Satin Dolls, the real-life New Jersey strip club that became Da Bada Bing for purposes of the show.

Additional guests include musicians, as well as TV critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoeller Seitz, who have co-authored a book on the show, “The Sopranos Sessions,” released earlier this year.

“The Sopranos” originally aired on HBO from 1999 to 2007, winning 21 Emmys along the way. The show was primarily filmed in Northern New Jersey, with many locations around the area immortalized by the program.