NEW YORK (PIX11) — The hair-raising moments were caught on tape when a police cruiser tried to stop a man on a bike on a busy Queens highway.

Now, some are questioning whether the officers were reckless or following police protocol.

In a cellphone video, circulating on social media, an NYPD cruiser appears to try to get a person on a bike to stop but some are calling the actions of the officers reckless. 

In the video, the officer behind the wheel moves the vehicle back and forth on a highway as if to block the bike. 

Retired Lt. Dr. Darrin Porcher sees things differently. Porcher said the person on the bike is not wearing a helmet and the cycle does not have a license plate.

“Here we had a scooter that was illegally operating on a highway and the officer was trying to pull him over from the back but the motorist continued to move forward,” Porcher said.

Porcher said he did not see inappropriate actions on the officer’s part but rather on the part of the scooter operator.

You can hear the person recording the video calling 311 to make a complaint. 

When we showed the video to drivers in Queens, the reaction was mixed.

“The police are not wrong. He wasn’t supposed to be on the highway in the first place.” Another man said.

“The cops should be stopping him and asking him, but not trying to drive him off the road he could have killed this guy several times,” another individual said.

Over the years, we’ve seen several accidents involving illegal bikes.

Most recently, Community Response Teams have been tackling illegal bikes and ATVs. Thousands have been confiscated and crushed to send a message.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the NYPD said, “We are aware of the video, which is under internal review.”