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Just days after the death of actor Burt Reynolds, one of his most beloved movies is racing back to theaters.

“Smokey and the Bandit,” the 1977 smash hit that also starred Sally Field and Jackie Gleason, is returning to the silver screen for a limited time.

Deadline reports that AMC will rerelease “Smokey and the Bandit” at 240 locations Sept. 12-20 to honor the late actor.

The prices will feel like something out of the 1970s as well. Tickets to the flashback film will cost $5 each, or even less, depending on the theater.  Click HERE for tickets and information.

And if there is a Cinemark theater near you, the chain will be showing the movie as well for a limited engagement. Click HERE for information.

“Smokey” was one of the biggest films of the late 1970s, spawning two sequels and becoming a cultural sensation.

In the film, Reynolds plays Bandit, whose Pontiac Trans Am serves as a “blocker,” designed to deflect the attention of the police — or the “Smokeys” — from a  truck carrying an illegal shipment of Coors beer, from Texas to Georgia, in 28 hours.  Coors could not be sold east of Oklahoma back in those days.

When Texas Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) catches wind that Bandit is giving a ride to “Frog,” played by Sally Field, the woman who ditched his plodding son, Junior, at the altar, he gives chase in a madcap dash to the Peach State.

Now, fans will be able to enjoy the movie again on the big screen, just like they did 41 years ago.