‘Slow down…the cop hides behind this sign’: Deli brings humor to small town


PJ’s Deli, Catering, and Bakery

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (WVLA) — A business sign in Pennsylvania is bringing light to police speed traps with some humor.

Pam Wheat owns PJ’s Deli & Catering, located about 10 minutes outside of the Steel City. A sign outside of her establishment has caught the attention of a lot of people online.

The current sign says, “Slow down…the cop hides behind the sign.”

The sign is intended to be a joke since the police don’t use her property to sit on or hide behind the sign.

A police officer with a similar sense of humor decided to park a cruiser behind the sign and post it online. The image has gone viral.

Wheat says, “The deli sits on a very busy corner of a two lane narrow, winding road.”

This is not the first sign posted outside of PJ’s Deli & Catering.

According to Wheat, a couple of years ago, a drunk driver crashed through a fence and destroyed their new sign.

What followed was the beginning of a tradition. Immediately after the accident, a sign that read, “What no drive thru?” was posted by PJ’s Deli & Catering.

Image courtesy of PJ’s Deli & Catering

When a new sign arrived, a new message was put up: “Please don’t drink & drive — you can’t afford to buy us another new sign!”

Image courtesy of PJ’s Deli & Catering

The COVID-19 pandemic followed and PJ’s Deli & Catering was closed for 10 weeks. That did not stop the restaurant from putting up more signs. This time with a pandemic theme.

Once the restaurant reopened, an unsatisfied customer kept posting negative comments on the deli’s Facebook page, prompting yet another new message on the sign soon afterward:

“Come try ‘the worst food you’ll ever eat in your life’ according to some chick on Facebook.”

Image courtesy of PJ’s Deli & Catering

So what is going to show up next on the sign? You can follow the restaurant at PJ’s Deli & Catering.

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