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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Panicked shoppers mistakenly believing there was gunfire scrambled out of the Roosevelt Field Mall on Christmas Eve, with two or three people injured in the dash out of the store, police said.

There were no shots fired, Nassau County police confirm, despite scores of tweets from customers who assumed they heard gunfire. The injuries were not severe, policed said, and nobody was trampled.

An ambulance responded to the Roosevelt Field Mall after false reports of a shooting.

The noise shoppers mistook for gunfire was actually made by the collapse of a clothing rack, knocked down by a shoplifter at Macy’s who was apprehended, the Nassau County police commissioner said.

Shoppers tweeted of hunkering down in stores or dashing out of  the mall, operating on the belief that there was a shooter on the loose.

Police reported to a 1:16 p.m. report of gunfire at the mall that proved to be inaccurate.