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(PIX11) – So does the “Sharknado” sequel begin in the subway?

A dead sand shark was found on the floor of a subway car early Wednesday, setting off a photo frenzy on social media.

According to Gothamist,  the corpse of the small shark was found on a Queens-bound N train by straphangers. An MTA conductor eventually cleared the car of passengers and disposed of the fish in a trash bag.  The MTA confirmed it was a shark and cleaned the fishy-smelling train before it returned to service.

The train began its run in Coney Island, not far from the Atlantic Ocean. Conceivably, a fisherman could have tossed the shark on the train, but just how it got there remains unclear.

Commuters riding along with the dead shark couldn’t resist the opportunity to take pictures, including one that posed the dead shark with a cigarette butt, a MetroCard and a can of Red Bull.

Subways riders clowning around with dead shark found in subway car. (Courtesy: Gothamist)

The shark’s unusual trip comes just as the Discovery Channel promotes its annual Shark Week. It also follows the explosive popularity of the TV movie “Sharknado.” The film’s sequel will  be set in New York City.