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The nation’s most fawned over incarcerated man has inspired a trend on Twitter.

Although Jeremy Meeks, 30, is being held in San Joaquin Jail on $900,000 bail on weapons charges, that hasn’t stopped women — and men — from swooning over his looks.

So much so, Meeks’ mugshot helped spawn #FelonCrushFriday, where people are posting attractive mugshots.

As for Meeks, he says he appreciates all the attention, but wants the world to know he’s no “kingpin.”  In a jailhouse interview with KXTV, Meeks said his wife told him about how he blew up on social media.

Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, even created a GoFundMe page for her son, calling him “so sweet.”

He also has a three-year-old son.

Jeremy Meeks’ mother posted photos of him and his son on a GoFundMePage.

“He has a job and … He was on his way to work. With no gang affiliations as per two of the charges. He has old tattoos..which causes him to be sterotyped [sic],” Angier wrote. “Please help him get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.”

The page has a $25,000 goal.

Meeks, who spent nine years in prison for grand theft, told KXTV that he is no longer a gang member.

His sister told TMZ he is a practicing Christian and was only carrying  a gun because he has to protect himself.

As for the tear drop tattoo on his face, Meeks said he’s done some things in the past that he’s not proud of.