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NEW YORK — Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling on the federal government Sunday to launch an investigation into the shooting scare that happened at John F. Kennedy International Airport last week.

Schumer is specifically asking the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to open a formal investigation into the incident, according to a news release.

Citing a “patchwork of federal, state, local law enforcement and private entities,” all of which oversee security at JFK Airport, Schumer said the coordination between the groups needs to be investigated in case of another incident.

“In the age of ISIS-inspired-and-directed terror attacks it is a national priority to make sure targets, like our airports, are best prepared to recognize, diffuse and professionally handle the very real threats that confront us,” Schumer said in a news release. “And the panic and chaos that ensued from the ‘shots fired’ scare at JFK last week raises very disturbing questions about the state of preparedness and coordination of response if — heaven forbid — a real attack were to occur.”

The investigation Schumer is calling for will determine if there are any security flaws that can be fixed and how to remedy them.

Some of the gaps in security that Schumer cited are alleged reports that TSA agents abandoned their posts, yelled misinformation and went for long periods of time without providing updates to passengers and other airport workers. He also said there is an issue with airport security cameras.

Schumer said it is a problem that there is no unified security camera system at JFK and that Port Authority police are not able to access all of the cameras at once.