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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Good looks, charm and in some cases sex is what it takes to get a free ride to NYU or Columbia.

“Sugar babies,” young women hooking up with older men and “sugar daddies,” older men looking for dates with benefits, attend exclusive parties, all seeking some sort of arrangement.

All of the guests at the party signed up with, a site for mutually beneficial relationships. Some critics call it high end prostitution, but PIX11 sat down with Seeking Arrangement public relations manager Angela Jacob Bermudo.

Bermudo says what is special here is everyone is truthful, open about what they are looking for.

So far, more than a million people have signed up to get hooked up and since offering more incentives three years ago, the site has seen an increase of 58% in college students.

With more than 50,000 college students in New York City, many are using this kind of dating to pay tuition, other bills and fund a lifestyle.

When Jesse finished grad school, all of her student loans stacked up to an overwhelming amount. Add in the cost of living in NYC and spending money, the 26-year-old says she was in over her head. Making ends meet was almost impossible.

Her solution? Post a profile on and make extra income.

Jesse asked PIX11 to conceal her identity, but she spoke candidly about her sugar daddy, a 40-year-old marketing director who gives her from $3000 to $4000 a month in exchange for companionship.

But some say there is nothing typical about dating like this.

Jesse has been in her arrangement for a year and says there is no pressure to have sex or do anything she has not agreed to. In fact, she can walk away at anytime.

For sugar dates, or sweet romance, it’s an all free ride for the sugar babies. The sugar daddies however pay about $60 bu to sign up and they can shell out any dollar amount for a date, in some cases much more.