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NEW YORK (PIX11) – When you think about it, the animated family The Jetsons really set the unrealistic standard for what to expect in the future. From robots to flying cars, it all sounded too out-there to ever happen.

For those who are more realistic – all you need is to turn to the good folks at Gizmodo who are highlighting the forward-thinking products that will be a must-have in the near future.

Editors and writers for the tech site transformed a youth center along Mulberry Street in SoHo into a makeshift “Home of the Future” where they are showcasing all the products.

“Our team of writers and editors know their stuff, they know the good stuff [and] the bad stuff,” said Geoff Manaugh, Gizmodo’s Editor-in-chief, explaining how they selected the featured products.

“We decided to pick the stuff that we would recommend to our friends and family.”

“We may not have flying cars but we have very cool bikes.”

Gizmodo’s Home of the Future, located at 268 Mulberry Street, is open to the public through May 21.

For a complete listing of all the products featured, click here.