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THE BRONX — The safety of 170 kids, 3 to 6 years old, is at risk.

So says Mark Silva, the principal of St. Francis of Assisi – Corry Academy in the Bronx. The school is located at on Barnes Avenue, between Putnam and Whitehall Streets.

Many drivers on the busy avenue are unaware there is a school there.

“There’s no signage that this is a school zone”, say Silva, “there is no signage for speed reduction, there are no speed bumps. “

Parents say crossing Barnes Avenue with their young children is dangerous.

“You’re trying to get through without hopefully getting hit by a car,” says Raymond de la Torre. “They don’t slow down.”

“The motorists whip around the corner and it’s on,” says School Crossing Guard Christine Harris.

Without signage and a speed bump, she says it’s difficult to get drivers to slow down when passing the school. The speed limit around schools in session is suppled to be 15 mph, but there are no such signs at St. Francis of Assisi – Corry Academy. We saw cars, trucks, and even a school bus zooming past the school.

“We should have the proper signage that every school in New York City has, whether it’s private or public,” says the principal.

Half the students in the school are from the city’s Pre-K for Everyone program.

Silva says “we have asked for help from the Department of Transportation (DOT). Last year we started a petition with parents to at least get a speed bump here. Nothing has come of that”.

PIX11 called the DOT.

A spokesperson said the department is now studying the possibility of speed bumps and on Barnes Avenue and exploring other potential safety enhancements in the area. We’ll keep you posted.

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