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(Linda Lira)

(Linda Lira)

LEMON GROVE, Calif. (PIX11) – A California school employee faces a slew of charges after she barricaded herself inside a classroom and stripped naked in front of the middle school students.

After-school assistant Linda Lira, 31, faces 14 counts of child cruelty and 14 counts of false imprisonment after last Friday’s alleged incident at Lemon Grove Academy on Golden Ave.

“Within a short time (the students) realized she was not herself; she started saying some pretty bizarre things,” said school Superintendent Ernie Anastos.  “She locked the door, turned down the lights.”  One of the students managed to grab Lira’s radio and call for help.

When police arrived, Lira began upending desks, throwing objects and repeatedly stripping naked and dressing herself in front of the children, officers reported.

“Staff briefly fought with Lira to gain access to the classroom and remove children from her reach,” said San Diego County Sheriff’s Lt. Chris May.  “After students were evacuated, Lira exhibited multiple signs and symptoms of narcotics/hallucinogen use.  While struggling with other school staff, Lira removed her own clothing as one act in a series of bizarre acts.”

She was later taken to an area hospital for an evaluation.

Lira is being held on $2.1M after being booked at the Las Colinas Women’s Detention and Re-Entry Facility.