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If you are applying to college – you know the process just isn’t easy.
It’s lengthy, it’s time consuming and it’s expensive.

For one student, Christopher Gray, the cards were stacked against him. He grew up in a single parent household and applied to college during the recession when so many people lost their jobs, plus the cost of college rose astronomically.

“You have to get loans, get scholarships, or you don’t go to college at all, and that was the situation for a lot of people across the economic spectrum,” described Gray.

So, he did something most kids wouldn’t do – devoted an entire year looking for private scholarships that could help him pay for college.

“I searched my junior year, did the essays in the summer, and then I applied in the fall,” says Gray.

He was persistent- and it paid off. Gray received 1.2 million dollars in private scholarship money from those applications. Needless to say he didn’t pay a dime for college. Gray chose Drexel University in Philadelphia and immediately began to work on a project so other students could experience the same.

” I wanted to make something to make the process easier,” says Gray. “I wanted to remove the search process, so all you had to do was apply.”

Introducing “Scholly,” an app for high school, undergraduate and graduate students that makes it easy for you to find and apply for scholarships. It actually caters to you and your needs, personality, etc.

“You press search and it takes a minute or two until you instantly get a list of all the scholarships you qualify for,” says Gray.

It is a 99 cent download in the app store, and quickly rose to number one all thanks to an appearance on “Shark Tank.” Daymond John and Lori Greiner quickly bought into the app and have been helping Gray further develop it for the masses.

Chris says the app has increased the amount of people applying for scholarships by 300% and has helped students make over 15 million dollars in less than two years.

If you want to find out more – check out Scholly on the app store.