Samsung phone burns up under Texas girl’s pillow

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DALLAS (PIX11) — A Texas teen using her Samsung smartphone to text and tweet before falling asleep awoke to find the phone burning under her pillow,  according to a report from KDFW.

Ariel Tolfree, 13, told KDFW she slipped the Galaxy S4 under her pillow and then later woke up to the smell of something burning.

“I didn’t think much of it, so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again and it was more prominent,” Tolfree told the station.

KDFW reached out to Samsung, and a company spokesperson told the station that the battery inside Tolfree’s phone was not an original Samsung battery.  The company notes that  in the phone’s manual, it cautions against using incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers. The manual also warns that there’s the risk of a fire or explosion if the phone is covered by bedding or other thick material.

Read the full story from KDFW.

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