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BROOKLYN – This is a real horror story.  A Brooklyn woman went to her usual hair salon – and it cost her most of her hair.

She asked us to protect her identity. So we’re calling her Bernice.  Earlier this month Bernice went to the Best Dominican Stylist Salon on Avenue L.  Her stylist used something different on her – not her usual product.

“When he applied the product in my hair I didn’t feel any sensation of my head. He paused. He told me to rush to the sink. I went to the sink and he was speechless. He was like ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ I said, ‘Caesar is everything okay?’ And I touched the back of my head and I felt like I had no hair on the back of my head. I asked for a mirror and I said, ‘Caesar what happened?’ And he said, ‘Your hair is falling out! Your hair is falling out!'”

Bernice was horrified. Caesar kept apologizing but never told her what he’d used.  So Bernice came to us to try to get some information.  We had doubts we’d get anywhere on this one but gave it a shot.

The owner was apologetic, but had no answers.  Her daughter, who allegedly told someone in Spanish to go out and buy Bernice’s regular product after the incident, clammed up.

Howard: “Would you please explain to me why you didn’t tell the client what was on her hair?”

Daughter: “I no speak English.”

​Poor Bernice.  She says her dermatologist says at least some hair should grow back. But spots have been permanently damaged, the follicles are burned. The doctor has her on steroids.  Meanwhile she’s retained a lawyer.  But, of course, that won’t help bringing back her hair.