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Tom ‘Running Man’ McGrath, 63, is a man on a mission!

He has ran more than a quarter of a million miles in almost 50 years and will soon add another 157 miles to his legacy.

McGrath plans to run through Manhattan over a six day period to buy much-needed athletic shoes for 5,000 disabled children.

The children are members of the Achilles Kids Program, which is part of Achilles International, founded by Dick Traum in 1983.

Achilles Kids gives children with disabilities the opportunity to walk, run, wheel and compete with other runners, helping them become stronger and healthier.

The Achilles Kids Program is one-of-a-kind in encouraging disabled children to participate in mainstream sports and exercise.

Each child is encouraged to participate in physical activity, completing a ‘virtual marathon’ over the school year. Once they reach their goal of 26.2 miles, marathon length, they will be rewarded with a new pair of athletic shoes.

McGrath says, “It means so much to me to invest my inspiration, willpower, discipline and determination to do this. That’s what keeps me going, the children.”

There are 7,000 Achilles Kids around the U.S. with over 5,000 in the five boroughs.