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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The distribution of free condoms at New York City public schools is nothing new. However, the wide selection of what they offer is raising plenty of eyebrows.

A recent report by the New York Daily News found that students are being treated to a surprising variety of contraceptives which ranges from “King XL” to “Ribbed for her pleasure.”

The Education Department reportedly distributed nearly a million condoms during the 2011-12 school year and plans on giving out more or less the same in the coming school year.

The selection of what is offered is rubbing a lot of parents the wrong way.

“It’s pretty much telling them that they are allowed to be doing this at that age,” Alexis Molyneux of Philadelphia told PIX 11 News. “They really shouldn’t be having sex at that age anyway so I really don’t get it.”

Bronx resident Dareub El-Bey couldn’t agree more.

“The school system is twisted,” El-Bey said. “What they [are] doing is advocating children to have sex and the fact is, condoms are not guaranteed. They break, if there’s too much friction, guess what — wa wa.”

Whether they consider themselves to be a studded “Rough Rider” or a “King XL,” the Health Department has footed a $50,000 bill for condoms for the upcoming school year so students have no reason not to wrap it up.