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GARDINER, N.Y. — The Christmas season was in full swing up in Gardiner Wednesday where this year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was cut and then hoisted on a trailer to make its momentous trek to New York City.

As many as four generations of the Asendorf family has seen the Norway Spruce grow from a pint-sized bush in their yard in Ulster County to the giant we see today.

“The kids played in it, they made forts in it when it was all the way down in the ground,” homeowner Albert Asendorf told PIX11 News. “You could hide in it and stuff like that, they climbed it and now I mow around it.”

While it’s not the tallest Norway Spruce ever selected to grace Rockefeller Center, it’s still pretty impressive.

Measuring in at 78-feet with a 47-foot diameter and weighing 10 tons, this 80-year-old lady is a beauty.

And she will be missed.

The 83rd Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting will take place December 2.