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Thursday morning Donald Trump held an outreach meeting with African American, Hispanic, and Muslim Republican leaders in New York City. Oz Sultan was inside the roundtable, and spoke one-on-one about the conversation with PIX11 News.

“He was concerned, he was interested, they were taking constant notes throughout the process,” Sultan told PIX11 News.

“It seemed to be genuine as much as politicians can be genuine I will say.”

The men and women invited to the meeting all either volunteer or work with the Republican Party. They showed up at Trump Tower Thursday morning with questions about immigration, discrimination in the bank lending process, and “how do you find jobs, how do you solve education, and then recidivism is a huge thing that came up.”

After meeting with Donald Trump, Sultan left the meeting ready to vote for Trump saying, “Maybe its time for change and if he’s willing to listen to us in this capacity maybe he is willing to do more.”