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A new report shows that some sex offenders have been living near NYC schools. (PIX11)

NEW YORK (PIX11) — A new investigation found a whole lot of problems when it comes to the state keeping tabs on the whereabouts of registered sex offenders. And, as it turns out, according to one local lawmaker, some were found living near schools in our area.

“I don’t want any harm to come to my children,” said Lori Fiegoli.

Lori Fiegoli sends her children ages 11 and 5 to school everyday in the Bronx with the belief that registered sex offenders will always be kept away from her kids.

“Anything can happen at any time from school to going home, kids are latchkey kids now, they walk alone,” said Fiegoli.

According to a new report, some sex offenders have been living in homeless shelters and apartments closer to some schools than they are legally allowed to be in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, in the Bronx and in Queens.

“When we found out that were dangerous sexual predators living within a thousand feet of the school in violation of the law, we decided to do a citywide investigation,” said State Senator Jeff Klein.

State Senator Jeff Klein of the Bronx said through that investigation he uncovered something he did not think was possible.

“We found unfortunately individuals who are deemed level 3 sexual predators, people who actually had committed crimes against kids,  are living within a thousand feet of a school,” said Klein.

Klein said in some cases incorrect zip codes were entered in the Megan’s law registry for registered sex offenders. Some addresses were completely wrong.

“We found over 133 dangerous sexual predators that weren’t registered where they actually live so that’s a problem,” said Klein.

Tom Mailey, public information officer for the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision said in a statement,

“No sex offender for whom the Sexual Assault Reform Act (SARA) conditions apply will be released from a DOCCS facility unless we have verified that his proposed residence is compliant with the SARA law.”‎‎

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