NJ school closure debate as CDC says in-person learning safe with precautions

Reopening Schools

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Just how safe are kids in schools? The CDC said Tuesday in a new study that with masks on and keeping their distance, schools are safe for children and teachers.

However, the organization said the community must make smart choices outside the classroom, such as avoiding poorly ventilated gyms, as well as limiting in-person dining and capacity at bars.

President Joe Biden called for in-person learning in his inaugural address and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has pushed for a safe return to the classroom for the 40% of school districts that are still fully remote, including Newark and Elizabeth, two of the Garden State’s largest cities.

But many New Jersey districts buck the trend.

Montclair parents protested on Monday after kids were meant to return to the classroom for the first time since March for in-person learning. The teachers union scrapped the plan at the last minute, keeping everything fully remote.

Teachers in Passaic are now boycotting, too, pulling out of in-person learning and saying in a letter posted to Facebook that teachers are safest teaching remotely.

Mayor of Montclair Township and Vice President of the New Jersey Education Association Sean Spiller discussed where everything stands in his district and how the NJEA is addressing concerns teachers and unions have.

Montclair mayor talks getting kids back to school

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