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NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the expansion of New York City’s 3-K for All program Wednesday, bringing the initiative to all school districts across the five boroughs.

Beginning September, the city will have an additional 16,500 children in 3-K programs across the city’s 32 school districts.

 “We are now going to be able to reach thousands and thousands more kids with 3-K,” Mayor de Blasio said.

Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter also celebrated the expansion, saying 3-K and pre-K programs are great for young children as it “gives a strong start to their academic life.”

The program expansion also helps the city close achievement and opportunity gaps across the city, the schools chancellor said. 

The 3-K program provides free, full-day, high-quality childhood education to families and is expected to enroll about 40,000 children by the end of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Mayor de Blasio attributed the expansion to the stimulus bill, which had funding allocated to education. 

Parents can apply their child to 3-K in the calendar year they turn three. For instance, a parent whose child was born in 2018 can apply for 3-K programs that begin in fall 2021.

Families can register here or call 718-935-2009.