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NEW YORK — A group of New York City teens are challenging public school segregation in a new lawsuit against the city and the state. 

The students have the support of IntegrateNYC, a coalition of students and legal advocates. 

“We have a right to an antiracist education and we’re going to demonstrate that to you,” IntegrateNYC Director Obrian Rosario told PIX11 News.

The lawsuit argues the New York State constitutional requirement of providing a sound and basic education is not being met because of ongoing systemic segregation

“How can you say that you’re providing a sound basic education, when there’s clearly a racial caste system?,” asked IntegrateNYC Co-founder Sarah Medina Camiscoli.

The lawsuit calls out a “racialized pipeline to the city’s prime educational opportunities.”

Medina Camiscoli said gifted and talented programs and specialized schools unfarily benefit “privileged young people whose families have resources.”

When asked about the lawsuit Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said “a lot has been done over these years and is going to keep going, lawsuit or no lawsuit.”

“We are ending the gifted and talented standardized test, we are inaugurating a brand new system in September that will include a lot more kids to be a lot more fair and the approach,” he added.