How to help kids readjust to in-person learning

Reopening Schools

NEW YORK — As schools push to resume in-person learning, several parents may find their kids experiencing separation anxiety. 

New York City Educator and Parenting Expert at Brainly Patrick Quinn offered tips on how to get kids back in the rhythm of being back in the classroom.

  • How can parents talk to their children about how different things will be in the classroom?
    • Parents should help kids get excited about going back and remind kids they’ll be able to see their friends and do projects and experiments at home.
  • What if your kid is anxious or does not want to go back to school?
    • Listen to your child’s concerns.
    • “It’s been a rough year, it’s important to understand that,” Quinn said. 
    • Inspire positivity
    • Trust your parental instincts — you know your children. 
  • Transitioning back to in-person learning
    • For kids that push back or say they want to stay home, get to the core of why they want to stay home so you know if there are any problems that can be addressed. 

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