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NEW YORK — Virtual instruction will be offered to New York City public school students only under very specific circumstances, education officials said Wednesday.

Remote learning will be offered if an entire classroom or school is closed because of COVID, according to education guidelines. If only part of a classroom is closed, quarantining students will receive asynchronous remote instruction.

“We have a multilayered health and safety approach in place which will mean fewer disruptions in students’ education,” a Department of Education spokesperson said. “Given these measures, we expect that interruptions will be limited but there may be times when quarantining is necessary due to exposure to COVID-19.”

The DOE broke down instruction plans in the chart below:

Student Vax StatusQuarantine TypeInstruction Type
UnvaccinatedFull classroomSynchronous remote
UnvaccinatedPartial classroomAsynchronous remote
Unvaccinated Full schoolSynchronous remote
VaccinatedPartial classIn-person

“These measures will ensure students receive high-quality academic instruction and supports no matter their instructional setting,” a DOE spokesperson said.