Challenges of remote learning still overwhelming for NYC mom, teacher

Reopening Schools

NEW YORK CITY — Monday was a rare day off from learning for New York City school students who were encouraged to participate in a day of service instead of logging onto the computer for remote learning.

With remote learning issues persisting for months, many parents appreciated the break. About 75 percent of the city’s 1.1 million students have chosen to learn at home five days a week.

Mom of two Natasha Cabrera, who’s also a teacher, welcomed the day off from school. She said the challenges of remote learning at still overwhelming.

“Our students, our children, are not getting the materials that they deserve, that they need for school,” Cabrera said.

Her kids’ Harlem school keeps opening and closing because of coronavirus cases.

“There’s been a couple of cases in our school and every other week there is a new case, so I don’t want to take the chance,” she said.

Middle schools and high schools remain closed.

Since schools first closed in March of 2020, educators said they have been scrambling to make lesson plans more engaging online without much guidance from the Department of Education.

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