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FOREST HILLS, Queens (PIX11) — Twelve remaining birds were rescued from a Queens residence Thursday evening, a day after members of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature took a goose and four ducks from the miserable conditions.

LION said the birds were surviving only on a diet of stale bread and moldy bagels, and were also left outside in bitterly cold temperatures.

The organization was able to negotiate with the person who owned the birds, who surrendered all of them.

“These ducks were being illegally kept in neglectful, cruel conditions, without shelter in below freezing temperatures in what was basically a small-scale slaughter operation,” LION wrote in a Facebook post.

The rescued birds cannot be released back into the wild, and will be placed at “reputable homes and sanctuaries where they will be loved and never eaten,” according to LION.

The birds will need to undergo treatment for wing deformities and infections before being rehomed.