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Faith Rodgers met with detectives in Suffolk County, Long Island Thursday to report an alleged unwanted sexual encounter she said she had with R & B singer, R. Kelly.

“That’s the only way you can really make someone accountable and he needs to be accountable,” Rodgers said in an exclusive PIX11 interview.

In March of 2017 Rodgers says “I met R. Kelly in San Antonio at a concert backstage.”

“He ended up giving me his number, we ended up having a more private conversation later in his dressing room.”

For two months Rodgers says she and R. Kelly exchanged calls and text messages and in May, R. Kelly invited her to New York where he was performing. After the show, he invited her to a Long Island hotel room.

“That was our first time having a sexual encounter,” Rodgers explained.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Rodgers claimed inside that Long Island hotel the singer initiated non-permissive, painful and abusive sex after she told him she wasn’t ready.

After that night the two continued to date for months, Rodgers says R. Kelly became increasingly abusive, secretly recording their sexual encounters and locking her in rooms. Rodgers says R. Kelly also gave her Herpes.

Rodgers hopes talking with Long Island detectives will be a step towards justice and healing.

“For me, my light at the end of the tunnel would be seeing young girls walk away from their abusers.”

In a statement R. Kelly’s manager told PIX11, “at the moment we have no comment.”