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Update: This story has been updated to remove identifying information about the woman and her mother.

QUEENS — A Queens mother panicked when her daughter disappeared from Facebook posts in January, but her fears got worse when she learned her daughter’s boyfriend was charged with killing another woman in Alabama.

And a private investigator told the worried mom that Courtney Devon Davis has a disturbing background with a history of bizarre behavior in the Philippines.

“Behind the computer, there is danger,” the mom, Patricia, told PIX11 through tears from the living room of her Queens home.

She explained that her 36-year-old daughter had met Davis, 40, on a dating website in 2017.

Davis is now being held in Montgomery, Alabama on charges that he stabbed his new “wife,” Silvia Henry Davis, 38 times on March 27. The woman’s body was found in a Days Inn motel.

In 2017, Patricia’s daughter was living in Queens. She had just broken up with a boyfriend she dated for eight years. The financial services worker was looking for a new apartment with help from her mother.

“She was in a long-term relationship and she was pregnant, and she lost the baby,” the mother explained.

Patricia said her daughter suddenly became distant, even moving to Irvington, New Jersey and changing her cellphone number.

Patricia’s daughter deleted her Facebook account in the fall of 2017, so her mother hired a private investigator to find her.

When Patricia found the complex where she was living in Irvington, she said they couldn’t gain access and asked police to do a wellness check.

Cellphone video later sent to Patricia showed Courtney Devon Davis talking to cops at Irvington police headquarters. You can hear her daughter’s voice in the background.

The daughter is heard telling police that her mother was verbally abusive and her father molested her into adulthood.

“She was being coached to lie,” the mother said sadly.

Since then, Patricia had noticed Courtney Devon Davis posting bizarre videos of her daughter and Silvia Henry, the woman Davis later allegedly stabbed to death.

Both women appeared separately on Facebook videos, reading statements that people were trying to defame Courtney Devon Davis.

Davis also posted video of Patricia’s daughter in bed and stated she was plotting against him with another lover.

The last Facebook image posted by Courtney Devon Davis was on Jan. 25. He claimed in the post that it was a photo of her neck with a hickey on it.

Davis taunted Patricia with graphic sexual comments about her daughter. It’s the last she ever heard anything about her daughter.

Patricia said she learned Davis had a long criminal rap sheet. She also found out Davis spent years in the Philippines and had ties to sex workers there, she said.

A woman who said she married Davis in the Philippines contacted Patricia and told her she escaped his grip in 2017. Patricia said Davis met her daughter shortly after this.

Patricia told PIX11 her daughter always had a “bubbly” personality, but that all changed after she met Davis. Co-workers also noticed something wrong.

“I was told she became a different person,” her mother said, recalling friends saying, “she started isolating herself from staff members. One day she just didn’t show up.”

Patricia knows that her daughter traveled to several countries last November and returned to the United States by way of Atlanta, Georgia.

She doesn’t have much hope that her daughter is still alive. “My heart is telling me ‘no,'” she said.