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QUEENS — This thanksgiving, there is a huge effort to make sure every seniors has a hot meal.

In Sunnyside Queens, Inez Ruiz spent her holiday packing meals for others.  Ruiz lost her husband to COVID last year and she says helping feed others this holiday, feeds her soul. She was one of over 30 volunteers at the Sunnyside Community Services Center

This Thanksgiving, the nonprofit is delivering over 175  meals. One of those meals is going to 102-year-old Gertrude Dunseath.

She tells us she has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  So what’s her secret to staying so young and beautiful?

“I just do what I want to do when I want to do it,” said Dunseath.

Judy Zangwill, the executive director of Sunnyside Community Services, says seniors like Dunseath don’t just need a meal this holiday but services and companionship too.  

“We love Gertrude and what Sunnyside Community Services does is great.  She is a perfect example of seniors who need a little company today,” said Senator Michael Gianaris, who got the senior flowers.