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FLUSHING, Queens — A Queens woman is charged with attempted murder in a heinous knife attack on three infants and two adults at a birthing center where she is employed as a caregiver, officials said.

Yufen Wang, 52, of Cherry Avenue in Flushing, Queens, was arraigned Monday night on a criminal complaint charging her with five counts of second-degree attempted murder and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

The attack happened around 3 a.m. Friday, inside a three-story residence believed to be serving as a birthing center — that was advertised as a day-care center, on 161st Street between 45th and 43rd avenues.

According to District Attorney Brown, Wang attacked a 63-year-old woman, who also worked at the house. She suffered knife wounds to her face, chest and legs.

Then, for no apparent reason, Wang slashed and stabbed three baby girls. A 22-day-old baby girl suffered slashes to her face, chest and ear. The 33-day-old infant girl sustained injuries to her abdomen and back. The youngest of the victims, just 13 day old, suffered knife wounds to her abdomen, face and chest.

When one of the fathers, 31-year-old Meng Xu, tried to stop  her, Wang stabbed him in the leg and wrist, officials said.

The District Attorney said police found two knives, one on the first floor that was used to attack the victims. A second knife was recovered in the basement, where Wang was apprehended with what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds to her neck and wrist.

“The defendant in this case is charged with an unimaginable act – an attack on defenseless, innocent babies. Using a knife, the defendant assaulted a father at the location, a female worker and slashed and stabbed three newborn babies,” Queens District Attorney Brown said. “The youngest victim was just 13 days old. The defendant was hired to care for and protect the infants, sadly she was the danger. This kind of senseless violence can not go unpunished and the defendant now faces a lengthy term of incarceration.”

The residential facility in the Flushing section of Queens was used mostly by Chinese women who give birth and stayed there before returning to China, a law enforcement source said Friday.

Neighbors said it was frequented mostly by Chinese parents, but Koreans and African families were also seen there.

If convicted, Wang faces between 5 and 25 years in prison.