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Dozens rallied outside the New Apple Red Nail Salon Tuesday evening, increasing the calls for the shop to remain closed for good.

The salon became the center of controversy earlier this month after a viral video showed a fight between customers and several employees. The employees are seen hitting the customers with broomsticks and throwing nail polish remover.

State Senator Jesse Hamilton was scheduled to join the demonstration Tuesday evening.

“We are working with the Nail Salon Association and we spoke to the women who are protesting to have a meeting,” Senator Hamilton explained. “We are setting up a meeting now to have a resolution, maybe more cultural sensitivity training for salon owners to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“We need an apology from the owner and there needs to be more arrests in this incident.”

One of the employees, Huiyue Zheng, was arrested, but several protestors believe all the staffers seen on video striking the customers should be arrested.

The case is now being handled by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

“We have been reviewing evidence that was not available at the onset of the case, interviewing additional witnesses and are committed to a fair and thorough investigation,” said a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn DA’s office.

Customer Christina Thomas was also arrested and faces third degree assault charges.