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NEW YORK — Major delays on the George Washington Bridge Wednesday morning were caused by nearly a dozen protesters who staged a rush-hour demonstration on the upper level of the span heading into Manhattan.

Protestors laid a chain across the upper level, halting incoming traffic. They also formed a human chain across the lanes. Two frustrated drivers got out of their cars and confronted the protestors.

“You want to do it? I have no problem, you can protest anywhere you want. Not here, when we have to make a living!” yelled one man.

“They got right up in everybody’s faces. They were yelling racial slurs,” recounted a protester, Rebecca Stuart.

Aerial footage showed multiple police cars and several individuals in handcuffs being moved to the side of the bridge, out of the way of vehicles.

Ten demonstrators were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.

“As an immigrant worker for 18 years in this country, it’s like we basically deny to be in the shadows,” said Mahoma Lopez, a protester who was not arrested. “So we are here. We contribute to this country in many different ways. We are apart of this community.”

By 9 a.m., the scene had been cleared but there were residual delays up to 90 minutes to the tolls with 30-minute delays to the lower level.