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Dressing in layers come to mind when dealing with cold weather and the same goes for our pets. Plummeting temperatures could be hazardous even for dogs that have thick winter fur. The salt used on area roads poses a health risk to our canine friends.

Lisa Baronoff is mom to Stir Fry.

If it’s cold for us, it’s cold for them too. But especially the dangerous ice melting salt that they put down on the ground. That’s really not good for our pets,” she said.

Most ice-melt products contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which can irritate a dog’s paw or be harmful if they ingest it. The problem is something Baronoff knows all too well. Her cocker spaniel became extremely sick after ingesting salt.

Fortunately, her dog recovered just fine. The vet recommended booties for the outdoors, but none seemed to fit just right.

Baronoff’s invention was a game changer for her pooches to brave the outdoor elements. Walkee Paws comfortable for dogs to wear and easy to slip on.

Experts also recommend washing your dog’s paws in warm water with some soap to get the salt and off after each walk. You can find more information on Walkee Paws at

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