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MANHATTAN (PIX 11)– Several pro-choice groups are speaking out against ads from EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, a pro-life group.  The ads are simple and offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling, but it’s what they don’t say that is causing some issues and leading to accusations the ads are  misleading to young women.

Andrea Miller, Executive Director of NARAL, told PIX11, “Regardless of your views on this issue . . . there should be truth in advertising here.”

Claims from NARAL, a national pro-choice group, after their own investigations are simple.  They believe those behind the ads try to reach out to women considering abortions and attempt to stop or delay them from doing so.  NARAL also said once women visit these centers, they are not met by medical professionals and provided misinformation.  For example, brochures linking breast cancers to abortions are handed out as fact.

“They’re not actually giving you full information.  they’re not designed to set up, timely access to healthcare,” said Miller.

NY Congresswoman  Carolyn Maloney has now introduced federal legislation that would call on the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, to regulate such ads and prevent advertisers from making what Maloney is calling false promises.

Chris Slattery, National Director of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers,  is behind these ads “our suggest nothing except that they will get confidential counseling,” he said.  Slattery disputed all claims of his ads being misleading, though he did admit the  facilities are not staffed with medical professionals, but instead are a place for women seeking help to talk.

The majority of the City Council was also on board with Maloney’s bill and passed a resolution early Thursday morning stating their support and urged Congress to act.