When will we know more election results in NYC?

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NEW YORK — Election night winners are likely a thing of the past in New York City because in the brave new world of absentee ballots and ranked choice voting, the counting takes time.

Susan Lerner, with Rank the Vote NYC, has spent months bracing city residents for the counting process of the next few weeks.

“It’s worth giving it the time it needs to get everything right,” Lerner said.

Here’s how it will play out.

Election Day and the week after: Initial first choice votes are shared. All machines are collected and the rankings by in-person voters are digitized.

One week after Election Day, June 29: Full rankings information from in-person votes will be shared. The first ranked choice voting calculation will be done.

Two weeks after Election Day, July 6: More than 100,000 absentee ballots will be scanned into the system and there will be a second ranked choice voting calculation.

It is highly likely the July 6 calculation will indicate winners in most races.  The only unincluded votes in this count will be a handful of absentee ballots that people will have a right to fix because of simple mistakes like a missing signature.

Three weeks after Election Day, the week of July 12: All absentee ballots should be scanned and there’s a third and final ranked choice voting calculation; this is the official result.

PIX11 asked Lerner what to expect after the final rankings.

“Historically the vast majority of winners were the leader in the first round, but not always,” she said.

PIX11 also pressed Board of Elections Commissioner Miguelina Camilo about if the historically slow counting election authority could deliver on its timeline.

“We do expect to be quicker with our counts,” Camilo said. “What takes time is the bipartisan process of opening up absentee ballots.”

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