Rep. Ritchie Torres breaks down expected infrastructure money headed to NY

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NEW YORK — The Biden administration is relying on infrastructure dollars to help fix the clogged ports and blanket the nation with internet access.

President Joe Biden declared that the spending would improve transportation of products and supplies from overseas and within the U.S. to help lower prices, reduce shortages and add union jobs. Better infrastructure — whether roads, bridges, ports or whatever — would give more capacity and resiliency for the supply chain. There would be more capacity to unload ships and move goods, which in turn would reduce price pressures and shortages.

Biden said the infrastructure spending would create jobs paying $45 an hour, nearly 50% above the current national average. It would create a wealth of jobs to fix aging pipes, bridges and roads, and boost clean energy and cybersecurity. And most wouldn’t require college degrees.

Rep. Ritchie Torres said New York City could receive up to $170 billion. He said the money would create jobs and work as a long-term investment.

Some Democrats, including Reps. Jamaal Bowman and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, voted no on the bill.

“I am confident those who voted no will vote yes on the Build Back Better Act,” Torres said.

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